Tilburg is amazing. No, really. Ask anyone who stayed here long enough to get to know the place. A city that recovers, rebuilds, explores and challenges the status quo. A city that wasn't often called beautiful in the past. Partly because a lot of the beauty had been demolished in the 50's and 60's by an overly active mayor with a licence to demolish. So we've been collecting beautiful people ever since.

Tilburg is that person on the dancefloor, not the best looking one maybe, but when you dance with them, you have the night of your life. You'll discover a tripping metamaze, a heart of green, underground art venues, and big city-wide events on an almost weekly basis. Tilburg takes care of the people and the planet. Lot's of low-budget options, inclusive venues and events, an eye for sustainable concepts and community building. You will not regret a visit!

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Published in November 2023 

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