As recipient of the 2013 European green capital award, Nantes offers an incredible air quality, some nice river public transportation and trees and greeneries at every Street corner. But who are we kidding? Come here to have fun, not to listen to an endless list of the boring qualities of our model city. Here's a little sample of Nantes' attitude: 

Polka-dots, artsy peeps, Willy Wolf, gentle ducks, chilly spots, giant chicks, tiny vines, giant tusks, die hard tree, picturesque, petits LU, hungry swamps, bal musette, rainbow shots, formica, bicloo bikes, free meatballs, weird blue blob, square movies, crêpes in dozens, curé cheese, fly goggles, FCN, mini-vans, freak fanzines, bananas, topless girls, muscadet, half time rain, magazines, hip hop style, house music, good baguettes.

And all this, "à la cool".

Published in December 2023