Amsterdam is a city of many myths. In particular, the myth of 'sex, drugs and rock'n'roll' motivates millions of tourists per year to visit the Dutch capital in search of a paradise that - let's be honest - doesn't really exist.

Amsterdam's bustling city center is a place that many locals try to avoid, with its overcrowded hostels, CBD oil and Nutella shops, and Argentinian steakhouses. But here is of course so much more! As a city that grows by the day, Amsterdam has an endless amount of exciting places and experiences to offer, stretching far beyond the city center.

From street art projects in the West to artistic spots in the North, and multicultural markets in the East to lovely parks and waterfronts in the South. We are so excited to provide young travellers with a diverse and authentic experience of Amsterdam and add an important tourist hub to the USE-IT repertoire!

Stay tuned...