If you are walking around the historical center, you can imagine how people were walking on the same streets over 400 years ago and saw the Cathedral or Casa de las Conchas as you see it now. That is also why Salamanca is so popular for film directors. They really don't have to change a lot. Salamanca's main square is known as the most beautiful Spanish square of all. And we agree.

Our nightlife is one of the first things people mention when you ask them about Salamanca. And it is totally true! But we have more. Every spring we host the music and art festival FÁCYL and Luz y Vanguardia where artists present their animated projections on the facade of our beautiful town hall. And does barrio Oeste sound familiar? Probably not, but you will remember once you've seen the street art that covers garage doors and facades. Don't forget to look up too.

If you skip Salamanca on your Spanish tour, you made a big mistake. Trust us, we know!