You might think of Oulu (pronounced: oh-loo) as a cold, boring small town near the Arctic Circle. We'll grant you "cold", but not "small" and "boring." Oulu has spread out and grown to be one of the biggest cities in Finland while keeping the small town feel to it. While new, urban buildings constantly pop up in the city, many locals still seek the cozy atmosphere of the old granaries - now turned into pubs and cafés. The university attracts students from all around the globe to discover that amongst the darkness and snow there is a friendly flame inside young Ouluans' hearts.

Imagine a local stepping out of a blizzard into a dimly lit pub wearing their heavy winter coat. As the coat comes off, so does the dark and cold. Winter doesn't stop people from enjoying their lives and besides: our midsummer nights also make up for the lost daylight. Ice cream in hand, we then swarm around the stalls at the marketplace, where live music attracts both locals and tourists to enjoy fresh air and fresh beer under the neversetting sun.