České Budĕjovice


Do you know Budweiser beer? Not the American imitation, but the truly Czech beer coming from České Budĕjovice (Budweis)? That's the place worth to visit as a perfect break after buzzing Prague. Most of the people have no clue what are they missing not to hang around for a bit. Do not let yourself be one of them. Budejce (that's how locals call it) is a student hideout with a very local vibe and really cosy medieval narrow streets. What might look like one-hour visit will easily turn out to be a whole-day discovery.

Once in the south, do not miss Český Krumlov either, a bit crowded but still a unique UNESCO heritage site. Moreover, we will help you to avoid the tourists traps and show you where to go to explore Czech nature and join in the popular Czech activity "vodáctví"

Published in December 2017